Build awesome basement fort

This is an awesome basement fort built by a really cool kid. “Huntman” is the architect.  Using sheets and blankets strung up with wires on the basement ceiling, this fort is durable and large enough to stand in. Follow the simple steps below to build “THE MOST AWESOMEST FORT IN THE WORLD”.

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Three basic steps to build an awesome basement fort:

  1. Gather up all available sheets and blankets in the house for optimal fort building options.
  2. Attach wire or rope to the basement ceiling for a sturdy fort foundation. (If you, the parent or guardian attach a few eye hooks, or have other places to tie wires up, they can be easily removed after the fort is disassembled.)
  3. The final step to building an awesome basement fort is draping sheets over the wires, and securing them with clothespins.  Once the walls are secured, put a ceiling in by covering over the top.

This fort is easy to build and will provide the kids with hours of awesome basement fort fun.  An open door on the side of a TV will make an awesome “cave” to watch videos.  Another good option for a fort like this would be for sleepovers.  If there is a pile of kids staying over, then an indoor camp out is a fun and viable option.

Have you built an awesome basement fort or other indoor fort with your kids?  If so, leave us a comment or tweet @HandyFather.

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