Common DIY Projects for fathers:

Common DIY Projects for Fathers:

Kutztown Root Beer Review

Kutztown Root Beer Review

Another root beer in a clear glass bottle; the initial impression of the Kutztown Root Beer Review.   Kutztown root beer has Yucca Extract as the primary flavor ingredient.  It produces a pleasant licorice flavor.  We poured some Kutztown Root Beer … Continue reading

Getting a deck permit – How to get a building permit

How to get a building permit – First off, I plan to build a deck. I live in Kosciusko County, Indiana.  The building code here states that I must have a permit if building a deck that is more than … Continue reading

Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer Review


Even Trader Joe’s has a generic store brand.  The Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer Review was okay.  Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer is an all-natural cane sugar root beer.  It is also a very generic root beer with no outstanding … Continue reading

Honest Fizz Root Beer Review

Honest Fizz Root Beer Review

Honestly, I didn’t have great expectations for a Zero Calorie root beer.  The Honest Fizz Root Beer Review lived up to the expectations with flying lack of color!  Well, there was a color.  The color was a match to the … Continue reading

The Power of a Father’s Love

new dad power of love

If you believe that ‘heart’ makes the world we live, allow your heart to open wider to people around you.

The power of a father’s love cannot be understated in a child’s life. Love your kids!

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Mug Root Beer Review

Mug Root Beer Review - Root beer reviews by

The Mug Root Beer Review was long-awaited. Mug root beer is the national Pepsi-co root beer. You can find it wherever Pepsi is available. Since it is such a large part of the national selection, it is only fitting that it would be an All-American beverage. It is… High Fructose Corn Syrup.

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DIY Brick Patio, walkway, fire pit.

DIY Brick Patio Walkway Fire Pit

This DIY Brick Patio is a project I helped with by designing, and laying out the pattern as well as doing a lot of the actual brick laying. It is located at my father-in-law’s lot at the local Jellystone campground.

The original brick layout was a simple, and slightly curved 8 brick wide walkway that went about 20′ alongside the camp site. We pulled out a bunch of overgrowth as well as the old brick pathway.

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Anchor Ginger Root Beer Review

Anchor Ginger Root Beer Review by Handy Father

Anchor Ginger Root Beer is a “Soothing Beverage for the Traveler”. I know I’d go traveling just to find a location selling Anchor Ginger Root Beer! It is that good. As of today’s date, Handy Father Root Beer Reviews have only had two root beers that rank higher than this monumental root beer. Those are Virgil’s Root Beer, and Henry Weinhard’s. All three of these brews are unique to each other and have an excellent quality to them.

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