Mason’s Root Beer Review

Mason's Root Beer Review

After a long hiatus, we are finally reviewing another root beer! Mason’s Root Beer Review Mason’s root beer is “keg barrel flavor”, as evidenced by the keg on the bottle.  It comes in an interesting amber-colored glass bottle, and is bottled by the Real Soda company. The ingredients listed are vague, with Carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, sodium benzoate (a … Continue reading →

Metal Detecting 2 – Our first Coin!


We spent another half an hour metal detecting in the yard today.  Chloe wanted desperately to find something in the ground, but still lacks the strength as well as the patience to swing the metal detector long enough to find something. Today, we found more of the same…  If you haven’t watched yesterday’s video, you may want to do that … Continue reading →

Metal Detecting 1

metal detecting northern indiana

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time watching some metals detecting videos by YouTube partner “NuggetNoggin”.  He is a kid from down south who does a whole lot of digging and has a captivating enthusiasm for metal detecting. Well, he gave me the bug, and on the coldest day of the year, I spent about an hour traipsing around … Continue reading →